Smithers Avanza Adds Gyros Instrument, Expanding Biomarker & Pharmacokinetics Study Capabilities

GAITHERSBURG, MD, USA – Smithers Avanza, a contract research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, announced that it has augmented its capabilities for pharmacokinetics (PK),  immunogenicity, and  biomarker testing through the addition of the Gyros Gyrolab™ xPS workstation.  The new Gyrolab xPS allows the company to automate nanoliter-scale immunoassays to support both pre-clinical and clinical studies.

“As our clients continue to turn to us for our expertise in evaluating and validating PK and biomarker assays, it’s important that we look for processes and instrumentation that will help us deliver results in the most efficient manner possible,” said Ira DuBey, Executive Vice President, Bioanalytical Services Division, Smithers Avanza. “The Gyrolab xPS instrument automates immunoassays, decreasing time to result and streamlining workflow.”

Smithers Avanza has broad experience in the development and validation of PK, immunogenicity and biomarker assays supporting both pre-clinical and clinical studies.  The addition of the Gyrolab xPS complements Smithers Avanza’s analytical testing offerings utilizing standard ELISA and MSD technologies in addition to the Singulex® platform for high sensitivity PK and biomarker assay needs.  All analytical platforms are interfaced to the Watson LIMS™ and are fully validated in a GLP environment. Smithers Avanza is a GLP and CLIA laboratory.

About Gyrolab xPS

Using proven microfluidic technology, Gyrolab xPS optimizes immunoassay development, enabling faster assay development, validation and high-throughput analyses in less time than with manual ELISA or semi-automated methods. Gyros’ technology delivers high-quality data with broad dynamic ranges and excellent reproducibility while dramatically reducing sample and reagent consumption. Gyrolab systems use precise, automated control of centrifugal and capillary forces to steer liquid flow through nanoliter-scale microfluidic structures contained within Gyrolab CDs, automating the assay workflow.

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About Smithers Avanza

Smithers Avanza is a contract research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical industry.  Our scientists have expertise in large molecule bioanalysis, assay development, validation, and specimen analysis at our GLP- and GCP-compliant and CLIA-certified laboratory. Smithers Avanza Bioanalytical Services Division supports the development of biologics and vaccines from discovery through phase IV, with expertise that includes bioassays and high sensitivity assays. The services focus primarily on development, validation, and specimen analysis for PK/TK, ADA, bioassays, and biomarker assays. Smithers Avanza also offers preclinical toxicology and vaccine testing at our AAALAC accredited facilities.


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